Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day 2009!

Our wonderful ward (church congregation) had a picnic at a local park. It was a gorgeous day! Many of you might not of thought so what with the cooler temperatures, the ominious rain clouds hovering and the occasional drip drop or two of rain but I LOVE spring weather!! I am so happy Colorado did not skip spring this year and go straight to summer!! :) I am going to soak up and enjoy every last little bit of cool, over-cast, rainy weather! It has also made things here nice and green...almost reminds me of Indiana!
The above picture was my attempt at trying to get a frame-able picture of all 6 kids...I did not achieve my objective! But they are still darn cute...
The park was really big and cool. It is pretty large with extensive walking/running/biking trails all around it. We did not use the paths to see the whole park, we just stayed at the picnic area our ward reserved. It had bathrooms, a play ground and swing sets, a ball field and a WONDERFUL view of the gorgeous mountains with gorgeous dark clouds looming over them!
The above picture is the boys with one of their friends drinking sodas. They read the ingredients on the soda and were trying to eat away the rocks by pouring their stearic acid filled soda onto them!
Fiona had fun in the above tree! And she's so adorable with those piggy tails!! She's so adorable anyway, but piggy tails are just adorable!

Big sister Haven loves to hold Brighton! She is so good at taking care of him and is so sweet and caring!!
Here is Scarlett on the top of a little hill she climbed up with some of her friends. They all tried to roll down the hill...I think only one little girl really knew how to do it because she is the only one who actually got to the bottom of the hill that way! The rest of them walked. :)
One of the ladies in our ward is the captain of a city league softball team. She had her team challenge our ward to a softball game. :) Too fun! Dave loves to play softball, so he had a great time and some really great hits, including an awesome home-run that I missed while snapping photos of cute girls picking dandelions! It was great to see him play! The only other time I've seen him play was a few days before we got engaged at the Sandpoint Stake Sesquacentenial Celebration up in Bonner's Ferry, N. Idaho. And, I have to admit, I don't think I really watched all that much since I don't have any memories of him playing...so this was really like the first time I have seen him play.

I could only eat some chips and carrot sticks at the picnic (the only things I knew for sure were soy-free) and was pretty hungry, but it was well worth it and so much fun! The kids got to play with friends for hours and explore the park, Brighton got to snuggle with me in the sling for hours, Dave got to play softball, and I got to enjoy great friends and watching my family have so much fun. :) I love our ward!


  1. I didn't know Dave was lefty. Also, I was at that sesquicentennial thing and I don't remember softball:/ I would definately have joined in on that. Maybe I was too distracted by the pioneer dress you made me wear, lol.

  2. what a breathtaking place! u sure did capture it!
    brighton is the cutest chunky soup!

  3. I'm a bit late on visiting your blog, but I'd love to know where that park is! It looks awesome! So, now that June is in full swing, should we plan a play date? :)

    Rebecca Cluff