Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer buz cuts!

I spied this cute scene yesterday morning from the girl's bedroom window. Dave shaved Sebastian and Elijah's hair, then Sebastian returned the favor for his Dad. :) So cute!! :)
Later, Dave shaved Sequoia as well. I was gone to a singing group practice and, apparently, Brighton woke up and needed to be held before Dave was done. Sequoia currently looks a bit like a mangy lion! But still cuter than the rag-a-muffin, street urchin look she was sporting before! As for Dave's "look"...he asked me yesterday afternoon why he was dressed so dorkily (picture the above outfit with black socks too!) I said "you always dress like that on Sunday!" He was shocked at himself. :) He did remove the black socks...that helped! He likes to be comfy. :)
Our rhubarb is so big and beautiful!
The apple trees are in full gorgeous!
My lilacs are FINALLY blooming!! I think it took longer than usual because it doesn't get tons of sun because of our side deck. I think when we re-do that deck I will end up moving the is right where we plan on installing some stairs from the deck to the backyard. Hopefully it will still live after we move it! I just LOVE the smell of lilacs! On a walk through the neighborhood the other day, the scent of lilacs was so thick and lovely in the air!!! I love springtime! :)


  1. is way too cant stop....dave, because you learned it from the memories of dad in black socks, flip flops and hammer pants or cotton! That picture is awsome!!!!
    Brighton's toes in b n w are by far my fav blog greater yet. Also love the other pics!!!

  2. Russ has cut the boys hair short, and his own also for this summer too!
    This was a very cute and funny post! I love it!

  3. You have rhubarb and lilacs! That is exciting. If you ever need help getting rid of some rhubarb I might be able to help you out!