Thursday, May 7, 2009

Can you identify this spider?

Sorry, these are graphic pictures!! You may notice an itchy, creepy-crawly feeling...Dave and I both had the heebie geebies for a few hours after finding these guys! We were moving a playhouse in the back yard. "We"...really means Dave, the guy with the muscles. :) Once Dave tipped it back, we saw literally a hundred of these spiders hanging out on the bottom of it. I have scoured the internet, trying to figure out what kind they are...well, were, anyway. Any clues?

Dave squashed them all, with my full support. Now, I am all for spiders. They are great at killing other, unwanted bugs and play an important role in the eco-system! However, I HATE these hard, shiny body types! So creepy!! Plus, they are on the playhouse where my children They are all dead now. There was also a HUGE ant nest on/in one corner. There are ants EVERYWHERE in's like ant heaven. I have never had negative feelings about ants...until now. They are just EVERYWHERE!!! We may have to do something about them.
This is Dave posing. :) He's such a babe. :) And I was definitly impressed that he moved that playhouse! It looks much better where it is still needs a complete paint, new flooring, etc...but it's in a much better spot. This was one of the first steps to re-doing the backyard. We have a great plan...I just wish all I needed to do was snap my fingers and it was done! :) Oh, and didn't cost anything to complete...that would be nice. :)