Monday, May 4, 2009

For the love of safety scissors!

When Sebastian and Elijah were just sweet, cute, little toddlers (they're still sweet and cute...just not as little,) my mom sent them each a pair of kid scissors. Sebastian was 3, so his scissors were the metal kind with round tips. Elijah was 2, so his scissors were Safe-T-Cut scissors made entirely of plastic. I didn't think they would cut, but they actually cut paper quite nicely. I thought it was so clever of my mom to find them and send them! It's nice that children's scissors are small, have colorful plastic handles, and have blunt ends...but they are still metal and still cut pretty much anything and everything; paper, crayons, skin, clothes...and hair. We have had way too many incidences of kids cutting their hair with kid scissors. We have gone months and months when no one was allowed use of said scissors because of the great loss of hair. It was saddest about 6 months or so ago when I noticed a little trail of blond curls strewn about the house....Haven and Scarlett had been cutting their hair!! Sweet Scarlett actually came and told me "Haven and me snipped our hair!" Oh, those sweet little blond curls looked so forlorn on the floor without a sweet head to be attached to! The kid scissors were banned to the top shelf pretty much until recently.
Yesterday, as Dave and I sat on the couch chatting, Scarlett found a pair of scissors and proceeded to try and "snip" off her entire pony tail!!! Thank Heaven she had found the Safe-T-Cut scissors!!! Try as she might, those plastic shears would not come even close to cutting off her precious pony tail!!! I have never been more thankful for those plastic toddler scissors in my life! Thanks, mom! :)

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  1. We have also had various conversations on who can cut our hair. Luckily, we have had only one very bad haircut to show for our conversations.