Thursday, May 14, 2009

My new favorite afternoon snack

The word "rut" has sort of a negative connotation. I would call the way in which I eat the same things for a period of time a food "cycle." I know I'm not the only one who falls into these "cycles." I find something that I like and eat it...regularly...and sometimes exclusively. It's very similar to the first time I tasted Taco Soup. A lovely family in our ward (at church) brought us a meal after Scarlett was born. People had brought me Taco Soup before, after other baby's births, but I never really appreciated it...or maybe even tried it...until this instance. Maybe it was hormones. Whatever it was, I fell madly in love with Taco Soup! There have been months since then when we have eaten Taco Soup (or some variation there of) 7 or 8 times. It got to the point where my kids would see me making it, roll their eyes and say "Taco Soup....again?!?" There were even a few times when I caught a small glimpse of that same feeling in Dave's eyes, as much as he tried to hide it and be the supportive and loving hubby he is. The main difference between that and my new "cycle" of food is that Taco Soup is a family meal and thus subject to familial opinion. My new favorite afternoon snack is my own personal snack. Kids, for the most part, never have much of an opinion about my own personal snacks....unless they want some, of course! :)

Slice up some fresh strawberries (or defrost some frozen fruit and slice), add a layer of vanilla yogurt and top with home made granola and new favorite afternoon snack! It's sweet, tangy, crunchy, cheap and EASY. :) This is week 3 of this "cycle" sign of stopping anytime soon!

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  1. Hey Heidi! Wow! It has been a long time. You look great! I can't believe you and Boyd have 6 kids! And the crazier part, you home school! You are definitely a better person than me. ;) Your kids looks so cute! Although, I gotta tell ya', those spiders are seriously horrible! I keep feeling things all over me now, esp. since I clicked on the picture to view then even bigger for some reason! Gross! We actually do like Canon's. It's just what we first started using and what we are familiar with. We had the Canon Rebel for a few years, and I really like it. For the money you can't go wrong with it. It does a Great Job! We sold that o my parents though, when we upgraded to the Canon 40D. It's a little bigger and heavier though, so that's the downside, of upgrading, but it does a pretty good job. We're pleased with it. You should check out our new website: Good to hear from you. Now I can check in on you form time-to-time. :)

    ~ Cami