Monday, June 8, 2009

A toothful forcefully lost...

We were in Lowe's the other day. While looking at door knobs and locks, which took a lot longer than we had anticipated...why do simple things like door knobs cost so much?!...Dave was keeping Fiona and Haven happy by playing a game with them. It was some variation of London Bridges. Things got a bit wild. The kids got a bit crazy. Fiona's mouth slammed into Haven's forehead. OUCH! They both were crying. I was comforting Haven while Dave hugged Fiona. Then we realized Fiona's mouth was bleeding. She said her tooth got knocked out. As I was saying "what? Really!?" and stepping toward her, I stepped on her tooth. This was the next tooth she would naturally loose (she already lost her other top front tooth), but it was not really loose much at it hurt! Dave made a comment to her that maybe the tooth fairy pays extra for teeth that are forcefully lost. And she did. :)

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