Monday, June 8, 2009

Help me decide!

Sweety pie Brighton.
Elijah, who is also a sweety, was in a grumpy mood about something and I only managed to get a few pictures of him, but luckily this one was about perfect! So no need to decide there! :)

Sweet Haven.

Sweet Scarlett.

Sweet Sebastian. He is into ALWAYS having "thumbs up" in pictures!!! Funny, sometimes...but not ALL the time!!! Oh well. :) He's still a cutie. :)

Sweet Fiona.

I am trying to choose which pictures of each of the kids to frame. Which ones do you like best?


  1. I like the first one of Brighton, the second one of Haven, the second one of Scarlett, the first one of Sebastian, and the second one of Fiona. What cute kids you have!

  2. Ok, what I like might not be relevent. But I like the ones that show more of their personality. You say Sebastian does the 'thumbs up' thing so it makes me think its personality. I also like the grin with missing teeth. It's the stage she is in. The second one of Scarlett looks like she let loose a little. Either of Haven is cute, she looks like she isn't posed per say just having fun for the camera. Babies are the hardest cause all the pictures are so cute. I lean towards the first one.

  3. i like the first one of each of them!! no problem choosing for me. and the one of elijah is really good for a guy who was grumpy. there're all great photos.