Friday, June 19, 2009

What the kids and Dave did for 5 days while I was gone.

Dave, being the very nice, thoughtful and supportive husband that he is, insisted Brighton and I take a little vacation to visit my family in Idaho. It's been a few years since we have visited them and we couldn't afford for all of us to go, so it made sense for Brighton and I to fly out. I have never been on a vacation away from my kids except when I flew out to Colorado Springs last spring to try and find a house for us to buy. That wasn't really a vacation, though. This was. :) I missed Dave and the kids a lot, but I was happily distracted by my many wonderful relatives and their sweet and adorable kids. Dave is so great taking care of the kids and the home, I didn't worry about them once.

While I was gone, Dave got a lot of projects done and he and the kids had a lot of fun. One day, he took them to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo here in Colorado Springs. It is a great zoo with lots of fun stuff. We always have memberships to the local zoos and museums; for a family our size and for how often we like to go it just makes a lot more sense.
The girls got their faces painted. Fiona and Haven both have a flower on their cheeks, and Scarlett got her face painted like a walaby. Cute!

See how close that cute chipmunk is?!? I guess they saw it running across the path and they stopped to look at it. It spotted some yummy food stuck to the path and ran right over, within inches of the kids, to eat it! Too cute!

Here is Elijah in front of some cute animal, pulling a face. :) He looks so adorable in a ball cap!

The Cheyenne Mountain (click on title of today's post for their website) has a large herd of giraffes that you can pet and feed biscuits to. Above is Sebastian petting one.

Here is Fiona chatting with another. They are so cute and friendly!

Here's the gang, all decked out in sun hats. :) Brighton and I had a lot of fun visiting family in Idaho, but knowing what an awesome job Dave was doing with the kids at home made my trip even better!

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