Thursday, April 23, 2009

True liberation.

A lot of the choices we make and the ideas that we subscribe to can become blinders that exclude vision, rather than binoculars that help us see further and with greater clarity. We all have blinders to some degree; we are all imperfect humans, making mistakes and learning and growing from them in an on-going process toward our potential. Sometimes what we see in focus is only a very small part of something much larger. It's easy to think the part we see in focus is the whole; that because that part is so clear to us, it is the only part, or that the blurry parts are not worth seeing. Women's Lib. has taught too many women to see only that one, small part...and to see it with blinders on. What a huge disservice to women!

True liberation if freedom. To me, freedom is not found in covering what makes me a woman to try and make me more like a man. How can ignoring our womanhood be freedom? Women and men are different. We are not the same. We think differently, we feel differently, we behave differently. Inertly, we have different talents and abilities that, on the whole, can be attributed to the different genders. How can suppressing the very things that make me a woman be liberation?

In a society that truly respects women's rights and freedoms, women would not have to fight for basic freedoms and rights such as birthing how, when, and where they deem safe and best; breastfeeding their babies whenever and wherever their babies need to be fed; making educated health decisions for herself and her child; raising her own children in her own home without being referred to as "just" a stay-at-home mom; being able to serve and cherish her husband without being labeled "submissive." A society where women were truly "liberated," a woman would be seen as a powerful, beautiful woman no matter what size, shape, color, occupation, or make-up ability; she would be seen for who she really is and not as a sex thing to be objectified by men. In a society that fostered such freedom and rights, women would not be their own worst enemies; they would not grow up feeling like they were worthless if they didn't look like a supermodel; they would not squander their personal virtue to try and gain attention and approval from boys; they would not vilify one another to make themselves feel better.

Do women deserve the same rights and freedoms as men? Of course!...that is a stupid question! Will we ever truly gain the freedom we seek by continuing to try and be like take their place and their role; to make men the "bad guys"; to manipulate and confuse them with our bodies and pretend to be detached and make them feel unnecessary? I doubt it. We are shooting ourselves in the foot every time we do these things. The only way we will truly give ourselves the freedoms and rights we deserve is when we stop trying to take the place of men in our society and instead finally, proudly take our place as WOMAN.

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