Thursday, April 23, 2009

Almost twins...

Haven was only 15 months old when Scarlett was born. She was really still a baby herself! Haven instantly and completley LOVED Scarlett so much! The moment she saw her, she started chanting "babee! Coot babee!" We had a hard time holding her as Haven would not loosen her grip on her new little sister!
They have continued to be close, almost as if they were twins at times. Like twins, they protect and defend one another and know what the other one is thinking/saying. Today, they were playing some game that involved Scarlett fixing Haven's hair (see below picture) and then flossing her teeth (see above) that is love! :)

These picture were when they were helping to bake something. They are both enthusiastic helpers. :) Above is a very "classic" Scarlett expression. Below is a totally "classic" Haven look!

Below is a video I took of the girls the other day. They like to play this game where one of them is the piano teacher and the other one is the kid. Then they switch. The key here, is that the teacher plays the piano and sings a song, the "kid" (hard for them to fill that role...) gets to hold the book open and turn pages. :)


  1. Soo precious. That's so wonderful that they're such good friends. Hey I think I heard some of the primary song we're working on now....that makes me smile! Atleast some are listening :)