Monday, July 6, 2009

Going to play catch-up!

Sweet Scarlett, the hair twirler. :)
Haven pulling a face. Cutie! :)

Sweet Brighton, first time wearing a baseball cap! Couldn't be cuter!

Hanging out in hammock world with the two little girls and Brighton (below). Brighton loves to swing in the hammocks! So does his dad and mom...and siblings. Most mornings, the three oldest kids can be found out in hammock world...swinging to and fro and chatting up a storm. Hammock world was Dave's brilliant solution to the awkward space below the addition that was made to the house decades ago. It left an area not high enough for an adult to stand up in, and sand not suitable for growing anything in. Last Father's Day of '08 (just a few weeks after we purchased and moved into this house,) Dave bought himself a nice hammock and set it up under the addition. It looked so great and finally gave this potential dark, useless "cave" a wonderful purpose, so I suggested we buy a few more and hang them up as well! And, VIOLA! Hammock world! :) In the future, the floor will be a thick layer of mulch and the ceiling will be painted a more endearing, relaxing color...I may even keep shade plants in the window boxes ALIVE this year! :)

So I have been noticeably neglectful of my poor blog. Expect rapid fire posts over the next few days as I play catch-up! :)

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