Monday, June 28, 2010

The Magnificent Seven!

The first picture of all 7 kiddos! What a good look'n, sweet bunch of kids! :)
I came from a family of 7 kids. I remember always feeling like 7 just was not enough kids in our family. Maybe it was because I was toward the end of the family and my siblings were mostly all older...but probably it was just because I loved my family so much and felt like there weren't enough of them!

7 kids has always been the number I knew would be at least our minimum (if not our maximum) number of kids we would have. I have always wanted a lot of kids. When I was a little girl, I would tell people I wanted 23 the time I met and fell in love with Dave, that number was down to a more realistic 13. Kids are just amazing and fun and wonderful and bring so much joy to the planet!
Other people look at our family and sort of freak a bit at the amount of children we have, but looking at them all and knowing them all....7 feels like a very small number. They each bring such a unique light and love to our family....which light could we have done without? Which sweet smile and which bright laugh would we not miss? Wow, makes me depressed just thinking about living my life and trying to learn all I need to learn without every single one of my children. I am so blessed and my life has been made so much richer from having the extreme privilege and honor of being the mother to each of my 7 children!! Is it more work, more noise, more mess, more busyness than if we just had a few? Of course it is....but it's all worth it...and then some!


  1. I can imagine the looks about 7 kids. I get raised eyebrows when I cart 4 around this area. The pictures look great Heidi. I'm glad you are finally getting summer in Colorado.

  2. I am IMPRESSED!!! I can barely keep my head above water with 3! Have fun at the movies tonight!

  3. love your writing. when will the book come out?
    love your new blog look too. really the right colors and look to it.