Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hunt and peck....

Three weeks ago today, the above sweet little baby, Duncan, was born! And ever since then, my arms have constantly been holding him.
I LOVE holding and snuggling my babies! But it does call for one-handed typing which is slow and frustrating....thus I have hardly e-mailed, facebooked....or blogged! Some day my arms will be all too empty of babies...I'll blog a lot then! :)


  1. congrats on beautiful baby Duncan! I think I almost type as well one handed as I do with two LOL

  2. now with some time for writing, i can tell you what a joy it is to have a daughter who loves holding her babies. it's been sweeter that you can imagine for me to see my daughters love their babies in this very important and loving way. i greatly admire you both as mothers. thank you for being so unconditional and welcoming to me always. you have another special and sweet little to uplift and cheer and support you and your good man. carry on, carry on, carry on!