Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Poor, neglected blog!

Wow... I have really neglected Ye Ol' Blog lately! We have been a bit busy since Dave got back from China (almost the same day as my last post), so I guess I will use that as an excuse! We gave Dave a few days to readjust to the time change (like 18 hours) and then we were off to Utah to visit family and go camping in the mountains above Beaver, Utah. While in Utah, we got to see some family we haven't seen in too long awhile. We visited Dave's Grandpa and the kids got to meet him and hang out. Fiona, above climbing a tree, is forever climbing anything and everything she can! There were lots of fun things to climb at the park in front of Great Grandpa's house!
Sebastian, the only one of our kids who had met their Great Grandpa before (when he was 1) was very grateful and happy to see him. He gave him lots of hugs. :) He is a sweet boy.

Great Grandpa, the smart guy he is, had snacks ready and waiting for our busy crew! Everyone took a break from playing for a few minutes to enjoy them (well, Fiona climbed while enjoying them...)
We also got to see Aunt Shan and her sweet kids, but I forgot to take any pictures!!! :(
One of our favorite things to do in Utah Valley is to go to Thanksgiving Point and their dino museum...it is one of the best we have ever been to! Here is Dave and the oldest 5, almost being eaten by an ancient shark. Close call!

Here is Dave and the 5 oldest running, very wisely, from a t-rex! I'm so happy we escaped in one piece! :)
I love visiting Utah. We have some great family there, and that is always fun, but I also just have really fond memories there. My sister has lived in that area since I was about 10 and I visited her and her growing family quite often. The mountains there are really stunning, they have a Sizzler (my fav. place to eat out!), lots of places with scones and special sauce (no, not to eat together...), a chapel and a Temple almost every direction you look and I just like being there. :)


  1. I will have to take the kids to Thanksgiving Point some day--it is just so darn expensive. The camping places you took pictures of look like the next best thing to heaven. Tell me more about that lovely tent you have--what kind is it, etc....

  2. no pics is just fine with me ;)
    great to see you...sorry again for the in-law intrusion!!